Beverly Brunkhurst 
Level 5 Stylist/ Propreitor 

After 19 years as owner of Indulgence The Salon, and 41 years as a licensed cosmetologist, I continue to enjoy my profession and the gratification that comes with it.
My specialties include designing for my clients the perfect hair color that will complement their skin tones and lifestyles. I especially enjoy the challenge of corrective hair color. The greatest reward for me is having a client look in the mirror and exclaim, "I love my hair!"

In addition to my management and stylist responsibilities at Indulgence, I have worked for Goldwell Hair Color, teaching hair color seminars. I have also worked for Salon Centric, a professional beauty supply distributor, teaching motivational and business advancement workshops for salons and stylists. Currently Indulgence the Salon is proud to be a KRS Summit Salon. My involvement with the associate program has ignited my zeal to share my knowledge with the next generation of upcoming hairdressers.

In my spare time, I have participated in Toastmaster's International. I also like to get away to Palm Desert with my four dogs; Sammy my 6 year old Labrador Retriever, Charlie a Retriever mix whom Corina found, Freddie, a poodle mix and Katie, a Lab mix both whom I adopted from  Downey Seaaca. 

Thursday through Saturday, you will find me at Indulgence, continuing to help make the Salon welcoming and comfortable, a place where all who enter will find a staff ready to indulge them.

Angie Bautista 
Level 1

Angie is a part-time stylist at Indulgence and a full-time educator at Marinello's School of Beauty.  Although it can get hectic with her busy schedule, she loves the fun and relaxing atmosphere that Indulgence has to give, and always gets her job done with a smile.

She is Redken certified. 

Corina Durazo
Level 5/Education Director/Redken Artistic Educator

Corina's philosophy? "I’m an Image consultant, I create and inspire, I take my clients for who they are, what they are about and design looks customary for them! I’m committed to educating myself as well as educating the clients that sit in my chair.” “People and music are what inspire me the most! When coloring your hair for the first time I say, go for it honey! Nowadays, there are so many options to color that it's important to remember that even a little experimentation goes a long way!"

Corina also adds, "I use caution not to give away someone’s signature look! I design and harmonize the overall vision per guest. I enjoy the relationships that I build with my clients and I don't just service - I create a life style."

Corina is available for appointments Fridays and Saturdays.Corina is bi-lingual, speaking spanish and english.

Redken Certified Colorist:

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Ralph Deseo 
Level 2

My clientele are both men and women for both cut and color. I enjoy weaving into my clients' hair a few pieces of lightness for a dramatic change and dimensional color. Whether you are going to a special event or just want some pampering, I can style your hair for any occasion.

For those who need a little body in their styles, I offer permanent waving. I also offer straightening and waxing. I have had extensive color and color placement classes, including theory and hands-on training.

Currently, I have finished working on my AA degree and I am teaching cosmetology at Cerritos College.

Ralph is available for appointments Wednesday, Thursdays and Saturdays.

Reda Lansford 
Level 2

I have now been a hair stylist for 41 years and never thought seriously about doing anything else.

I work three days a week, Wednesday through Friday, and attend various classes and academies to update my skills.

Happily, I continue to enjoy my work. Over the years, I have come to know many of my long-time clients so well I think of them as family.

Together, we are a mutual appreciation society.

Toni Fountain 
Level 5/ Pureology "Pure" Artist
Toni joined the Indulgence team in 2008 after a career change from commercial real estate.  Since then she has built her service menu to include not only all hair services, but she also specializes in facials, chair massage, makeup application and instruction, facial waxing, and threading,

Toni is a graduate of Bellflower Cosmetology School and has received further education from the following:  Vidal Sassoon, Goldwell, Redken, American Crew, and KMS Upstyling.  Her certifications include: Certified Pureologist, Brazilian Blowout Certified, and Dermalogica Certified.

When asked what she liked most about her profession, Toni replied, "There are so many aspects about my industry that I enjoy...I'm eager to meet new people, new challenges and new opportunities.  Most importantly, I'm excited to consult with guests and confidently provide them with their desired look -- this is truly most rewarding for me."

You will find Toni hard at work Wednesdays through Sundays.  If you don't find her at her station, she's in the Facial Room pampering a guest with a relaxing facial.

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Samantha English
Level 3/ Salon Director

          If ever there was an example of “someone ahead of their time,” Samantha is it. At the ripe age of 15, Samantha surrounded herself in all that was hair. She knew how important her own hairstyle was to her evolving image. Soon the second mirror in the bathroom became an integral part in learning how to cut her own hair, which eventually led to friends seeking out her magic. Quickly, haircutting wasn’t enough; her insatiable appetite to learn steered her to hair coloring, braiding, sew-in extensions, clip-in extensions-all skills she mastered while still in high school.

           Now licensed since 2011, Samantha has rooted herself at Indulgence, The Salon in Lakewood. She served under the tutelage of Redken Artistic Educator, Corina Durazo and further influenced by Brayden Pelletier and Tony Del Salvo, also both from team Redken. Currently, she is the only stylist at Indulgence, The Salon who offers mechanical weaving for hair extensions.

            “At first, I always thought working behind the chair was all I wanted to do, and I’d be completely satisfied. But now I know there’s so much more that I want to do. I try to support my clients—showing someone their inner beauty and helping them overcome challenges are the things that motivate me." She is available for appointments Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday,Friday,Saturday and Sunday.

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 Lola Riker
        New Talent/Assistant/Receptionist

 I consider it a privilege to be working for Beverly Brunkhurst.  I am so very excited to learn anything and everything I can from each of these talented stylist here at Indulgence.

I am an identical twin, her name is Lela. We are the youngest of eleven children.  Our parents were born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana.  The first set of siblings were born in Los Angeles and the younger ones were born in Orange County.

My passion is haircolor. I aspire to be a great colorist like Mrs. Novinski and Mrs. Brunkhurst. I am currently assisting Mrs. Brunkhurst Thursdays,Fridays and Saturdays.

When I'm not in school, you can find me taking color, cutting, & make-up, classes/seminars.  I look forward to the experience at Indulgence that will further my knowledge and techniques.

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 Live, Love, & Laugh!
Veronique Khuu
Level 1/Make-up Artist

I was born and raised in France until the age of 13. I knew from a young age that I wanted to work in the beauty industry.  After several years working office jobs, I realized that I did not want to do it for the rest of my life and enrolled in at first an Esthetics 
program and then went on to complete Cosmetology.

While in school I supported myself by taking jobs doing makeup, at first working on various theater productions, then later transitioning into beauty doing photo shoots and events such as weddings.
Now that I am done with school, and received my Cosmetology License, I hope to dedicate more time in learning the ropes of
 becoming a great hairstylist and I know that I will accomplish this working at Indulgence, the Salon!
Veronique is available for appointments on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.  

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Jin Proctor
Level 2

Since I received my license in 2006, I have had the opportunity to work with individuals who have displayed creativity, precision and talent for the beauty business.  This experience has motivated me to further my education so that I can have the knowledge and understanding of  these hairstylists who have inspired me.

 I look at hair as my canvass, which allows me to imagine, create and produce the desired look for each individual based on suitability. It is my goal to be able to provide the best possible service. Therefore I pride myself on continuous education. 

I have certifications from Invisible Hair (toupee & wigs), Cinderella (hair extensions), Vidal Sassoon and just recently Pureology. I am proud to be a team member at Salon Indulgence and to be able to provide you with my knowledge and service.

I am available for appointments Thursday, Friday and every other Saturday and Sundays.
Krystle Lynn
Level 2

“Character and personality is the most important when it comes to beauty”
-Francois Nars

If there was ever someone who was ready to take on the hair, makeup, and fashion industry and turn it into their own it’s Krystle. Krystle has always been ahead of her time and is always able to keep up with the changing fashion and styles and make it into her own classy creation. She knows how important hair and makeup are to women. Not only is it the simple appearance, but it can boost confidence and bring welcoming change.
 Krystle mastered her techniques throughout high school and only gained further knowledge through Cosmotology classes upon graduating. The basic haircut is not only what Krystle has to offer, she has the knowledge and dedication to attain a higher professional outlook on beauty. Her eager drive has led her to learn hair coloring, braiding, the application of extensions (glue-in, sew-in, and clip-in) and the ability to color match any person to the specific type of makeup desired.

Licensed since 2012 Krystle has begun her career at Indulgence, The Salon in Lakewood, California. " I believe that hair is an expression of yourself and I just want to help everyone express themselves! " 
​Krystle is available for appointments on Tuesdays,Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. 

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Puja Patel
New Talent/ Make-up artist

"Beauty is being the best possible version of yourself on the inside and out"

I realized I wanted to be in the beauty industry when I was given an opportunity in high school to take a course in Esthetics. Soon after, I received my license and went on to fulfill my dream of being a Cosmetologist. Being in this industry allows me to be creative, meet new people, give clients what they need and gain knowledge from hairstylists who have had years of experience. Ultimately, I hope to grow as an individual and prosper in the work place as a hairstylist. 
Ashley Esquetini

You might not think working in a Salon would help me with my major,( I am studying to become a nurse), however I have found it to be a great learning experience. The daily interactions with all types of people have helped me to open up and enjoy meeting new people. Not to mention the inspiration to get "dolled up" everyday! I am enjoying all the fun of working in a Salon and I know it will help me in my future endeavors.
" Always stay positive and never let anyone bring you down!"

Mercy Sanchez
New Talent/Assistant

I graduated from Cerritos College Cosmetology in 2009. Even though I have had my Cosmetology License for 4 years, I am always learning! While taking classes toward my Bachelor's Degree in Business, I also try to enroll in Redken Color Classes whenever possible. Recently I soaked up all the Big Apple had to offer by taking the "Color and Know Why Class" at the Redken Exchange.

I am thrilled to be working at Indulgence Salon on Fridays and Saturdays. I am a firm believer in keeping the mind active, so as an assistant I feel privileged to be surrounded by so much talent to learn from!
Maxine Villarreal

I have been coming to Indulgence the Salon for over ten years now. I have my Bachelor's Degree in business management and administration. I am currently working for an event communication rental company. When I heard Indulgence was looking for a new receptionist I jumped at the chance to learn something new, in an industry I haven't worked in before. I love learning about different businesses and how they run and look forward to working with Bev and the Indulgence Team.

"Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow"
Ronald E. Osborn